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.Welcome to Fro Butter, where passion, innovation, and a profound journey converge to create a haircare revolution. Let us introduce you to the remarkable woman behind it all.

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My Story

A Journey of Resilience and Discovery

At just 25 years old, I found myself a single mother to four children with no job and only a high school diploma. I turned to braiding hair as a means to provide for my family. Little did I know, this humble beginning would spark an incredible mission to address the major hair concerns caused by toxic hair products.

Rooted in the Wisdom of Generations

Born in St. Andrews, Jamaica, I was fortunate to grow up under the guidance of my beloved grandmother. She instilled in me a deep appreciation for nature's gifts and the power of entrepreneurship long before it became a buzzword. I treasure memories of watching her craft and package items like powdered soap and peanut cake to sell to our neighbors. These lessons, passed down through generations, shaped my values and continue to inspire me today.

Inspired by Nature's Secrets

It was during these formative years that my grandmother taught me about the incredible medicinal benefits of natural herbs and oils. This wisdom ignited a spark within me, leading me to embark on a quest to source the finest ingredients when I set out to create my haircare line.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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