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Updated: Jun 25

Need hair help? Here’s a resource list

Here’s a list of resources if you need help with or have questions about

your hair. The list is by no means exhaustive, it’s just has the resources

that we have come across. And, as a disclaimer, Fro Butter does not

personally know nor we affiliated with anyone included here.

Finding a curl specialist

Booking an educational salon session with a professional allows you to

learn in real time while they style your hair. To help in your search for a

professional, you can use this directory which lists professionals by state.

The stylists in this directory have completed the Cut It Kinky training

course and can work with all textures of hair including tight curls or kinky

hair. You can also try searching on Instagram using tags like

Virtual Consultations

Some stylists offer virtual consultations to discuss your hair one-on-one.

This is a good option if you’re not yet ready to do the salon process but

want to learn about hair options. It’s a good place to start exploring.

During consultations you’ll go over your current regimen, hair goals,

techniques, and proper hair care. (You can book from anywhere but I

included physical locations too if you’re interested in booking an in-person


• Consultation w/ Zarinah Clark: Currently open, Pinole CA ($95)

• Consultation w/ Kera: Syracuse NY, Includes a playback of session

($75) Currently open.

Consultation w/ Nyquita: Booking openings will be announced

through her newsletter

• CurlList: CurlList allows you to book a virtual consultation with one of

their three curl experts who have backgrounds in Rezo Cut, Aveda,

and DevaCurl. Video consultations are 40 min and you receive a

post-consultation report. They are a newer company so there aren't

too many reviews and I can't speak to their knowledge about tighter

curls, but a fellow Redditor utilized their services and found it helpful.

Prices are listed by the Australian Dollar and British Pound forreference but they take international payment (GBP 60 for full

consultation, GBP 30 for a followup)

• Consultation w/ The Digital Loctician: FOR LOC CARE ONLY. After

the consultation you will be given access to the recording of the call

and a detailed, written hair care regimen. Currently open ($147)

• Consultation w/ Jessica Kiyomi : Oakland CA, Currently closed ($75)

• Consultation w/ Camille Janae: Sacramento CA, Currently

unavailable. ($70)

• Consultation w/ Jennifer Rose: Jersey City NJ, Currently unavailable


• Consultation w/ JC Dobson: Norman, OK, Currently unavailable. She

has two options: a 1 on 1 Virtual Curlset Class that includes a

consultation plus styling walk through ($125) and the 1 on 1 Virtual

Curl Session which is a regular virtual consultation ($60)

• Consultation w/ Sasha: Currently unavailable, Raleigh NC ($90)

• Consultation w/ Keyla: Currently unavailable, Columbus Ohio ($85)

• Consultation w/ Elaine: Durham NC, currently unavailable ($30)

Digital Guides and Books


FOR PURCHASE. Written by the founders of Black Curl Magic Digital

Salon (now See Some Curls), this digital guide breaks down the

science of hair and helps you understand the basics of hairstyling.

You can use the code DOPEHAIR for a discount ($75)

The #30DayHairDetox Mini Guide: This free miniguide by the authors

of Wash Your Damn Hair addresses how to combat common hair

challenges. You can receive your copy by signing up to their email

list here or by texting "FREEBIE" to 773-923-3041. (Free)

• Wash Rinse Repeat: Created by recently retired licensed professional

Andra Renee, Wash, Rinse, Repeat is "an e-guide and masterclass

introducing you to a simpler way to do this natural hair thing".

Included in the guide:common myths stressing naturals out, the

facts to dispel them, the Wash Day system, product suggestions,

and access to Andra's masterclass replay walking through the wash

day regimen and answering questions ($27).

Courses and Communities

• See Some Curls Visual Library:A visual resource library for naturals

curated by Aeleise and Aishia, two licensed curl artists who provide

education for professionals and consumers. Their original consumereducation program, Black Curl Magic Digital Salon, has been

reformatted into See Some Curls. The library includes always

accessible full length, consumer friendly cosmetology classes,

monthly topical live classes with Q&A's on a private platform, guest

instructor pop-ups, live streaming direct from their salons, and a

weekly session for library members to have their questions answered

on video. ($35 per month, cancel anytime)

• Yes Her Home Studio Webinar Replays: Elaine of Yes Her Studio

shares her shampoo, conditioning, and styling technique as well as

product recommendations. You'll have access to slides and replays

from two webinars ("Foundations of the Perfect Set: Shampoo &

Conditioning Techniques" and "What Products Should I Use?"

Styling Products & Techniques"), a bonus tutorial video, a

recommended products list, and answers to frequently asked

questions about wash & go's ($100, 30 day access).

• The Monarchy: A Discord community managed by Anita aka

monarchcurl where you'll have access to hair care tutorials, monthly

live events and workshops, Q&A, and group virtual consultations for

hair care troubleshooting. Discord is a chat and communication

platform that can be accessed via app or the web. ($33/month for

full membership access, $5/month for limited community access:

some chat rooms but not hair education or advice)

Social Media

Finally, many stylists share free information through Twitter or Instagram.

Tweets explaining the science behind why using oils can prevent hydration

is what started this hair rediscovery for me. For twitter, I recommend

searching through accounts with keywords like “texture”, “conditioner”,

“cleanse” to find relevant tweets. Many stylists have hosted Twitter Spaces

and saved the recordings for people to watch later. Instagram is great for

videos, saved live Q&As, or reference pics for styles/haircuts. As a

reminder, even though stylists share general information, they can’t

accurately give you personalized advice to everyone without knowing your

hair characteristics so asking them specific questions like “which

shampoo is best for my hair” will usually be answered by them asking you

to book a consultation.

Anita (@monarchcurl) has compiled a table of contents of her Twitter

threads regarding hair care. This is a good place to start for basicunderstanding around relearning your hair. This other Twitter thread

also does a good job listing a bunch of helpful tweets from many of

the other stylists listed below.

Black Girl Curls: Instagram, Facebook Check out all their saved live


• Earnestly Natural

Camille Janae: Twitter, Instagram

Carlisa: Twitter, Instagram

Jennifer Rose: Twitter, Instagram Lots of good info in her saved live


Anita aka Monarch Curl

Kera: Twitter, Instagram

Elaine of Yes Her Studio: Instagram, Twitter

Elise of Textura Curl Studio: Instagram, Twitter

Jessica KiyomiTwitter, Instagram She has great examples of colored

curls on her IG.

• Silked by Sonnie

• Brown Sugar Curls

If you prefer learning from YouTube, there are some professionals who

make content (just not as much since YouTube can be a whole job itself).

You can check out the 4c Hair Series from The Doux or the Curls

Disrupted Videocast on Black Girl Curls YouTube page. Curls Disrupted is

also available as a podcast if you prefer just listening.

I hope this is helpful!

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